Saturday, July 17, 2010

Be Careful What You Ask For, Part 4,257...

To those of you who got all hot and bothered by Scott Brown, and his "real conservative values", I'm wondering why it is you've all gone suddenly and mysteriously silent?

Oh right...because Brown's vote ultimately meant nothing vis-a-vis ObamaCare, and within three weeks of taking office, Brown suddenly revealed himself as a JAP (Just Another Politician). That took all the wind out of the We-Heart-Scott-Brown sails.

If there's one thing that can be said of "Real"Conservatives, it's that they're at their most gullible when a presented with a crisis, real or manufactured. In this regard,they suffer from the same mental illness as most Lefties do; they'll buy any crap at all if it's presented a s threat to the Republic, a repudiation of the Founders, or has a religious tint to it, in the same way that Libtards fall for outdated notions of "fairness" and"it's for the Children...". That illness causes them to react emotionally instead of with reason, and that's why they bought all the crap about Scott Brown's "Real Conservative Credentials" hook, line and sinker.

Brown's only real value to the Right was as a vote against ObamaCare, and the dems made him irrelevant to the process by finding an illegal means of getting that passed.

After being made irrelevant, Brown quickly conformed to herd behavior of the rest of the RINOS (Republicans In Name Only). He jumps on the democratic party band wagon when it suits his purposes as much as anyone else. The lesson of Scott Brown to the Republican Voter is this: The more desperate the perceived need, the easier it is for "Real" Conservatives to swallow anything that's presented to them the right way: the right buzzwords (tax cuts, small government, family values, et. al.), lots of family snapshots, make as many "Founding Father" references as you can, make sure you say "God" twice every paragraph. If Barack Obama was marketed to the American people as a Transformational Figure, then Scott Brown was pushed as no less than a Savior of the Republic, a would-be Brutus to Barack Obama's Caesar.

Historically, Brutus was the last to stab Caesar --in the back -- and only after a dozen or so other men had already mortally wounded the Dictator. His contribution was mostly symbolic, and ultimately, pointless.

The truth of the thing is that Scott Brown won because a) Ghengis Khan with a bad rash could have beaten Martha Coakley, b) After TARP, people would have gladly tarred-and-feathered any "establishment" republican who ran against Coakley, and perhaps even Coakley herself, and c) the Public Mood was (and still is) "Throw the Bums Out!". Short of massacring his own children with a chain saw on national television, Scott Brown was almost an automatic in that kind of climate (spare me the come-from-behind-victory bullshit. Coakley was such a bad candidate that she lost it more than he won it). These same factors were in play, to varying degrees, in the Governor's Races in New Jersey and Virginia, and it's easy for the GOP Upper-Crust to assume a landslide victory in November based on these three races.

But those who would do so might be making a major mistake; Brown didn't win because he's A conservative, he won because he beat a bad candidate. Christie was a definite improvement over Corzine, but then again, I could have run with the slogan"Ebola in Every Household!" and beat Corzine handily. Virginia's gubernatorial race took place in the direct aftermath of TARP, Porkulus, and ObamaCare -- just when public outrage was getting into full-swing. In those three cases, the Republican was simply the only obvious choice, and in two, simply the lesser of two evils.

That "Throw the Bums Out!" mentality applies equally to BOTH parties, provided there's a viable alternative, which is why the Tea Party, more than the GOP or Dimwits, will really decide who stays, who goes, and where the New Blood gets injected. The GOP had better not get cocky, because it has so little to get cocky about; where it wins, it will do so largely by default, where there is no competition or a weak democrat. Pol Pot would probably still beat half the R's on the ticket this fall in this electoral climate. But anyway, back to Mr. Brown...

Brown's plaintive cry of "Why do I always have to be the one to work with the democrats? Bipartisanship is a two-way street, you know?" tells you all you really need to know about Scott Brown and his brand of Conservatism and just where his head really is at -- Brown would rather conciliate and come to terms with the Lefty fringe, than see them removed -- and that's exactly what no one noticed when Brown was being pushed as the Indispensable Man, the American Values Posterboy.

Pragmatism is a good thing, but not when you're talking about the very continuance of democracy and freedoms, themselves. Bi-partisanship in this day and age is simply siding with the avowed enemies of all good men; the democratic (small 'd' intentional) party.

I may have issues with "Real" conservatives, but I still consider myself conservative where it counts on most issues. If Scott Brown-style Conservatism is something to be celebrated, then I must have missed the memo. If it's not in vogue anymore because of his subsequent actions, then do me a favor and stop rubber-stamping the Flavor-of-the-Week as the Next Reagan. It seriously sucks to listen to you whine and bitch after your Champion-of-the-Week suddenly shows his true colors and you realize that you were lied to.

Caveat Emptor, something about counting chickens, and all that. Of course, the worst of you will descend deeper into psychosis because you got played on Brown; every candidate this fall will be subjected to a series of litmus tests so severe that many a good person shan't survive the process. The object will be on finding the "Perfect" Conservatives, rather then "the Best Available Conservatives". It's predictable -- like when Muslims lose wars and blame it on a lack of piety -- "Real" Conservatives blame defeat on a lack of orthodoxy (a quality they despise in Libtards, by the way), and the response is the same; more fervor, less thought.

Yeah, that always works. I'd rather look the other way when a "Real" Conservative tells me that This Guy is"one of us", because I've learned that people who garner that imprimatur from out of nowhere only do so because they hold the"right" position on whatever happens to be the crisis-du-jour, and because the same Regal Personages said they were worthy of it: usually Anne Coulter. I love Anne dearly, but she was all hot for Scott Brown, and if I recall, Mike Pence was supposed to be the New Reagan like eight years ago, which tells you all you need to know about her record in picking winners.

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