Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Ground Zero Mosque News...

IDB news has a lovely little article, here.

In the meantime, Reichsfurher Bloomberg decrees that 9/11 representations are now illegal...or at least really offensive. I think Bloomberg is really offensive, and I don't want to see any representations of him...including the original...in public, anymore.

Considering Bloomberg's finding a way to invalidate the will of the voters to get a third term, preoccupation with my smoking habits, curiosity about what I eat, what I throw in my garbage, and how many sugars I put in my coffee, this is was just the next, logical step in the creation of the People's Republik of New Yorkistan -- with Ayotollah Mike at the helm. Why, if it wouldn't have the NYPD o nmy doorstep before I even finished the thought, I'd suggest that it would be a great blessing if Imam Bloomberg had an "accident".

Obligatory Disclaimer: I can think about the demise of Emperor Mike, but that does not mean I advocate it. It is simply a rhetorical device, not an incitement to commit murder or assault and battery. He's not worth the effort, so don't any of you do it, and if you do: it ain't my fault the man is a rotten human being who causes complete strangers to want to do him physical injury, or wish him harm.

Frankly, I wouldn't be surprised if the soft excuse that such images are "offensive to Muslims" and "liable to subject them to hatred and violence" was really just a cover story for something far more offensive: Bloomberg probably had all the images copyrighted in some weird scheme to get the City more money to waste on illegal aliens and welfare queens.

He is that sort of douchebag.

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