Wednesday, August 11, 2010

EnvironMENTALism: The Racket...

If you simply remember to Follow the Money, you'll eventually arrive at the truth of just about any form of corruption.

In this case, the corruption and collusion which is at the heart of the Cap-and-Trade debate.

And these are, supposedly, the Moderate Greens, the ones who try to pass off their delusional scheme as a "market-oriented" approach so that conservatives can't make free-market arguments against their mumbo-jumbo. The article references the whole ecosystem of Watermelon parasites; the politicians, and the substrata of hanger's-on who glean a pretty good living on government-funded advocacy. The Think Tankers, the Lobbying groups, the "Charitable Organizations" and NGO's who make a killing on Global Warming Hype.

They serve the new Robber Baron class --people like Al Gore -- who's new line seems to be buying up all that beachfront property he promised would soon be below the rising oceans. These people play this very nasty confidence game in which they decry the evils of unfair, corrupted capitalism on the one hand, while trading for real money in a market for something that doesn't exist (Carbon Credits) -- and making a fortune off of it. The excuse is that unlike the robber barons of old, this form of cheating, lying, stealing and corruption serves an obviously-greater good -- the very Salvation of Man and Earth -- and is, therefore, not only excusable, but a noble undertaking.

This is simply a socially-acceptable form of Stock Market for those who don't wish to rub elbows with Real Capitalists -- who don't share their "enlightened" views on money, and apparently don't give a shit about the poor (I wonder, where would most charities be without the Rich?), where Commie-Pinko hypocrites can make personal fortunes while advocating World Socialism for everyone else free of guilt. These people are pious hypocrites...and they're performing a really neat trick: they are writing the laws of this country by manipulating the political class, or at least, trying to, while simultaneously drawing their livings from both the taxpayer and a fraud-disguised-as-private enterprise.

Good work if you can get it, huh? Thankfully this nonsense was stopped dead in it's tracks before it went further, but I get the feeling that these folks will be back. They always are, unfortunately.

I wonder how long it'll be before these people ask for a bail-out, too.

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