Friday, August 13, 2010

A Note To Would-Be Cross-Linkers...

If you would like me to carry a link to your blog, please, please, please do not make the request in the comments posted under "ANONYMOUS", and please, please, please do include a link to your own website.

I used to post a "Contact The Lunatic" address on the banner, but I don't remember having taken it down (I must have, as it is not there anymore! I guess I'll put it back up there?).

I will only provide the link to your site under three conditions:

1) I know what's on your site, and I believe that it will be of interest to others, and is unlikely to cause a hail of spam, or which allows malware to infect anyone's PC,

2) If you will return the favor, and

3) We have some way of making and maintaining regular contact besides making Anonymous comments to my blog posts.

Not abiding by these simple requirements annoys Seymour the Link Monkey terribly. You wouldn't like Seymour when he's angry...

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