Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Blogger is Eating Replies, and Other Issues...

If you've been trying to reply to blog posts in recent weeks, and haven't seen your reply posted, there's a good reason for it.

Well, there's a reason for it;it just doesn't follow that it's necessarily a good one.

You see, I use Google AdSense on this site. Those are all the fancy little advertisements you see along the edge of the page when you navigate here. The idea is that there might -- just might -- be an ad that appeals to people on whatever subject I manage to spout about, and that interest might cause someone to click on those ads, whereupon, I get paid.

A little while back, I was updating my AdSense account info when I had realized that I had lost my PIN number. Naturally, I sent Google a notice that I was requesting a new PIN (you can click for one on the account screen!). The new PIN Was supposed to be mailed to me within 2-6 weeks. We're now on Week 9, and no new PIN yet.

In the meantime, all you're seeing on this page are Public Service ads. Google apparently does this when you haven't completed updating your account information (information you can't update because you haven't gotten your PIN yet), and it also does some really funky things: the site counter which counts the number of visitors to this site has mysteriously stopped counting anyone. Naturally, since the site counter is no longer counting anyone, I can't tell a) how many people are coming here, and b) calculate how much ad revenue, if any, I might be earning...or more likely, LOSING.

And of course, replies to posts are appearing in my e-mail box, but not on the site. Probably all of these things are related.

If you've sent something and wanted it posted, I'm sorry. It's not my fault, and I'm doing the best I can to deal with Blogger/Google, which is sort of like getting a root canal without anesthetic...and the dentist deciding that the easiest access to your mouth is through your rectum.

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