Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The $12,478.00 Check That Isn't...

Imagine my surprise this afternoon when I collect the mail, and right there on top is an item addressed to me from something called the"National Debt Relief Initiative". It has an official-looking seal, bears a Post Office Box address in Washington, D.C., and is in one of those envelopes in which one usually expects to find a government check, like when you get a tax return.

What was this all about? I've never heard of this National Debt Relief Initiative; was this one of Obama's great Stimulus cash giveaways? I opened it up, and lo and behold!, there's a check inside. A check for $12,478.00, to be exact. I was floored! What did I do to deserve a $12,000 check? Did someone screw up? This can't be real, could it?

Well, no, it isn't. The first giveaway are the words "Non-Negotiable-Not A Check" stamped on the bottom where you can't see it unless you're looking for it -- even though the thing looks like a real check, and has account and routing numbers on it.

It's only when you turn the check over that you begin to see what this is all about.

This is a not-so-clever marketing tool of many Debt Counselling Services. In fact, if you Google (I prefer Bing, personally) the term "National Debt Relief Initiative" you are directed to a load of websites for these companies...and usually these links go right to the sales pitch about how Americans are all in debt, and how credit counselling can cut your debt, and save you from bankruptcy, etc, etc. etc.

You'd be amazed by how many of these websites actually have Barack Obama's image included as a prominent part of these advertisements, probably to sucker the unwary into thinking that The Golden Child has finally come through with the Reparations. Right now, I'm certain there are people of a particular racial group and/or economic stratum who are trying to cash these phony checks in every liquor store in 100 different ghettos, nationwide.

The $12,478.00 "check" is actually supposed to be a representation of "the money you'll save" if you use XYZ Credit Services to arrange a 49% pay-off on $25,000.00 in debt. In fact, the more debt you negotiate out of existence with XYZ Credit Services, the more you'll save!

Yeah, right. You guys are so good, you had to try and drum up business with the old Novelty Check routine. I wouldn't be surprised if the fees being charged suck up the majority of that 51% you supposedly "saved".

Please, please, please...DO NOT FALL FOR THIS SCAM, and please let your friends, relatives and people you like know, so that they may avoid falling for it.

However, you should encourage every democrat and illegal alien you know to take full advantage of this "free"money, if only because passing a bad check comes with a prison sentence. With any luck we'll get enough democrats in the criminal justice system (come to think of it: the criminal justice system is ALREADY full of democrats)that they won't be around to vote in November, and a few more Mexicans can be sent home where they belong.

This sort of dishonest/easy-to-miscontrue/open-to-fraud sort of advertising/marketing thing can only bring trouble. I hope someone stupid DOES get busted trying to cash one of these things, if only so that they may sue the idiots who mailed them out!

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