Wednesday, August 11, 2010

This Broke My Heart...

Get well, Little Sasha and Brandon.

An adorable little girl, and her baby brother...stabbed by their father. It would be nice if we could identify these idiots before they kill their children, and end their miserable lives before they hurt anyone else. This is the second similar incident of a parent killing/attempting the murder of their children on Staten Island in recent weeks.

A couple of weeks back, a mother of three slashed her children's throats and then set the house on fire before she took her own life.

This sort of thing almost never happened here in the past, and now two incidents in less than a month. It's enough to make you cry. It makes me physically sick, and if it were left to me to dispense eternal justice, those who hurt children could look forward to an eternity of sick and twisted torment.

Here's the original story (with video), and today's follow-up. Apparently Dad, an unemployed Chiropractor, felt emasculated by a girlfriend who had become the primary breadwinner.

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