Friday, August 13, 2010

Memo To The Obamas...

It is usually customary to do some work before one (or is it The One?) takes a Vacation....Again.

The First Family is about to take another vacation -- be fair: they've only had about three or four this summer, you understand -- but this is a quick 27-hour one, in Florida, and part of a program of "mini-vacations" that are, apparently, the precursor to the Obama family -- finally -- taking the training wheels off and going for the gusto...with a vacation in Martha's Vineyard...for another 10 days.

All the proof you ever needed that Barack Obama was never prepared to be President is all the time he spends NOT being President. Every day, with every new vacation, celeb-filled date night or golf outing , he simply reinforces the negative stereotype that black men avoid work like the plague, but show no shame in picking up the paycheck...or enjoying the perks.

Yeah, I said it; come after me you fucking obnoxious race-baiting hate-mailers! Let the anonymous threats fly, you pansies!

Air Force One has probably spewed more carbon into the atmospshere in the last 18 months than all Presidential conveyances in American history combined. One wonders why the Greenie Meanines aren't all over his (half-)black ass about this utter disregard for Mother Gaia?

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