Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Teachers and Firemen Bribed for Votes; Film at 11:00...

Visi-a-vis yesterday's $26-billion bribe to union labor labor disguised as a bail-out of the states; Oh,it's on now, Baby!

The battle lines are just a little more distinct, now. Now the fight is no longer just between Libtard and Conservacrat; it ain't about Haves and Have-not's, anymore. Now this fight is about The Taxpayer and the Giant Sucking Sound.

That Giant Sucking Sound (with props to Ross Perot) is the sound The System makes when the political class tries to maintain it's power and authority by using the money of the Taxpayer to build themselves their own little Empires. The Poor, Union Jerkoffs, Bureaucrats, the Permanent Underclass, the Third-World Imports, are all, to one extent or another sustained by a systematic rape of the Public Treasury undertaken for the benefit of a very few, mostly-self-appointed elite. This was true even before yesterday's vote, and all that vote did was to bring the thing out into the light of day and surround it with a Flashing Day-Glo Yellow Nimbus that basically screams "Corruption!".

They didn't even bother to NAME THE BILL before they voted on it. First they didn't read 'em, now they don't even name 'em, and they did this is a "Special Session" which means that the Congressdouches basically gave up part of their summer vacation to commit a "legal" crime. If only they had the same sense of personal sacrifice when it came to...oh, I don't know...paying their taxes, or subjecting themselves to the same laws they pass.

Anyways, part of the reason why the states (and Federal Government) are in the financial mess they find themselves in is BECAUSE of teachers and firemen, Union Labor, in general; these are folks who have outrageous state-funded retirement and medical plans, not to mention paychecks that often dwarf those of the average Private-sector worker...the poor slob who actually pays the fireman in the first place.

It's all a very transparent (and successful!) attempt to bribe Union Labor to come out for the democrats this fall in mid-term elections. It might work, but probably not, because Union Labor accounts for less than 20% of the workforce. If the majority of the other 80% came out and voted against a Dimwit for supporting this bill, perhaps there's a chance to get the Empire Builders out of Congress. It's a small hope, but one which I would dearly love to see come into full bloom.

In any case, if you see a democrat, cop, garbageman, meter maid, teacher or fireman today, make certain you give them the finger, because through the politicians they support, they just stole more of your money, and gave you the Shaft.

Worse, they took that $26 billion, in part, from people who need food stamps. Probably unemployed Private-sector workers, no doubt, because no one would dare take food stamps away from Tan'eesha and her seven children-by-twelve fathers in Cincinnati, with a (half-) Black Man in the White House,right?

The priorities in this country are seriously corrupted, because the political class that sets the agenda and manipulates it to their personal advantage are themselves corrupt, and so is the union machinery that both supports and feeds off of them. Remember this in November, and vote your local parasite right the fuck out of office!

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