Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Grudge: Barry Soetoro's Indonesian Expatriate Hell...

From the American Thinker, we get a hypothesis on the source of Barack Obama's seeming hatred of The Rich, Big Business, The West and America, itself.

The author gives a 6-10 year old Barack Obama far too much credit: no 6-10 year old is that smart, and it seems age and a basically-free pass at Harvard didn't help any, either.

I rather doubt Barack Obama is a commie because of his experiences in Jakarta, and his screwy politics are probably more-closely related to the experiences he had when he got home: the grandparents who raised him were notorious radicals who introduced him to even more notorious radicals, the 1970's (when Barry was growing up) were also the heyday of the "Black Power" movement. If you ever wanted to marinate a person in the sort of obsessive-self-pitying-redistributionist-class-warfare theme that runs through every word and deed of our current President, you need look no further than 1970's America for the perfect place in which to do it. The entire decade was about stupidity, selfishness, confused and faddish radical politics, revisionist history, the "rage" generated by a disconnect between the brain-damaged Left and the Middle America that didn't want or believe anything the Hippies were offering. Those very Hippies -- who the decade before had smoked pot, protested Vietnam, and screwed everything that held still long enough -- eventually became the foundation of the Modern Left a decade later.

Those who once railed against the "Establishment" became the "Establishment" they hated so much, and just in time to become the teachers, politicians, authors, commentators and role models a young boy immersed in the "Poor Me" school of racial politics and Marxism needed to morph from Barry Soetoro into Barack Obama.

The six-year-old didn't formulate his ideas regarding haves-and-have-nots in the swimming pools and 4th ofJuly barbeques of ex-pat Indonesia; he got them here.

Nothing good ever came out of the 1960's, especially the most outrageous ideas about race, "fairness", politics, and the transfer of responsibility from the individual to "society" that some of my generation hold -- bequeathed to us by the generation that dropped acid and played at revolutionary just to get laid. Add to this the alienation a half-breed child in a white society, who's father had abandoned him, and who's mother treated him alternately as a trophy to her "Progressive" lifestyle and then as an inconvenience to be shipped off to live with relatives -- dropped into a 1970's America where the open racism of a George Jefferson, Archie Bunker or Fred Sanford was considered an accurate portrayal of the reality of America, interracial dating was a mighty taboo, and you could still hear the older generation refer to black men as "Boy", and it's no wonder that Barack Obama hates "his country" so much.

Send him to an Ivy League school where the subjects of the day are increasingly divorced from the classical subjects, where "history" is being re-written on a daily basis by people with anti-White and anti-Western political agendas, and where the differences in class and race are probably even more exaggerated, and where a "promising" black student is patronized every minute of every day by his instructors, the administration and his fellow students, all for the sake of appearing to be"open-minded" and infected by political correctness, and it's no wonder Barack Obama probably hates "The Rich".

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Took me time to read the whole article, the article is great but the comments bring more brainstorm ideas, thanks.

- Johnson