Friday, September 17, 2010

They Don't Even Try to Hide it Anymore...

Democratic Congresswoman caught demanding "contribution" from lobbyist...on tape.

A few observations:

1. Expect the following defense: Eleanor Holmes Norton is black. Andrew Breitbart , a White Devil, "attacked" the NAACP and Shirley Sherrod only a few months back, therefore, Breitbart is a racist. Ergo, this tape is a piece of Conservative propaganda, deliberately presented in an out-of-context fashion by a known Conservative Fascist Racist, who wants to preserve the Bush Tax Cuts for The Wealthy. While it may look as if Congresscritter Norton might be engaging in an act of could-be-possibly-described-as extortion -- at least to the untrained-Washington-outsider's-eye -- it is just business-as-usual in Washington -- everyone does it -- and did we mention that Andrew Breitbart is a racist?

2. You now know why Tea Parties are becoming such powerful organizations. The corruption in Washington cannot be hidden anymore; it's taking place in broad daylight now. The amazing thing about it is that there's almost a sense of entitlement amongst so-called "Lawmakers"; we're allowed to break the law, because of who we are, and because the law is whatever we say it is...or rather, need it to be at this moment in time.

3. Our political class seems to be completely unaware of some aspects of modern technology, particularly the ubiquitous presence of recording devices. Nowadays, cellphones with e-mail and Internet access, with cameras capable of recording video and free voice mail, are like piles of dogshit: they're everywhere and you can't always avoid them. There's a 24/7 news cycle that requires everything be looked at in the most minute detail to judge it's fitness for broadcast...unless you're CNN and (P)MSNBC, in which case you'll broadcast anything just to fill airtime.

Everything you say and do is probably being recorded by someone...someplace...and you probably don't even know it, or even think about it. If you did, you wouldn't be caught on a voice mail extorting a donation (allegedly) or walking into a Los Angeles hotel in the wee hours to change diapers...after denying paternity repeatedly, or after insisting that "my plan will lower the cost of healthcare", have to retract those statements while denying ever having made them less than six months prior, knowing full-well that no one believes you (you're on tape!), but determined to brazen it out anyway.

This same technology that allows people to catch a John Edwards, Eleanor Holmes Norton, Charlie Rangel or Barack Obama in the act, also allows people who don't approve of that sort of behavior to organize themselves in ways that the political class cannot comprehend, and therefore bitterly fears. This why, since the rise of the Tea Parties, the average citizen is insulted by his "betters" on a near-daily basis. We're all racists; we're too dumb to understand what the government does and what the governing class talks about; We don't need to read bills before Congress votes on them; we just haven't been able to perceive that Recovery yet because, stupid Us, it's not about jobs and wages and ridiculous things like that, you know.

We are ruled, sadly, by a class of crooks that makes the Robber Barons of old look like third-grade pikers. At least the Robber Barons put people to work while they stole, and made no secret of their real intentions.

Unfortunately, I expect Eleanor Holmes Norton to survive the accusations -- despite the evidence -- because, well, let's be honest: she's Black and "represents" Washington, D.C. If Charlie Rangel can manage to win re-election with his baggage -- because he's black and represents Harlem --then Eleanor will most likely skate, too. That, too, is another aspect of the system of double-standards our politicos have erected for themselves; racism is bad...unless it benefits me.

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