Friday, September 17, 2010

Is Barack Obama a Socialist?

Is the Pope Catholic? Do bears and Boy Scouts shit in the woods? Is Bismark a Herring? Does Hillary Clinton have Thighbrows that can rival the Amazon for lush undergrowth? Is Lady Gaga an over-stylized representation of the simultaneously over-and-under-sexed-technologically-savvy-but-otherwise-mentally-sterile-youth of today? Would Tiger Woods fuck a rabid porcupine if you gave him enough Ambien and Jack Daniels, and dressed it up as a porn star?

If you have to even ask that original question, "Is Barak Obama A Socialist", then I have one of my own: what fucking rock have you been living under for the last three years?

Our British cousins, who have had some experience in this field, seem to think he's something far worse.

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toadbile said...

Colour me British.