Friday, September 17, 2010

Why Muslims are Violent Douchebags With No Future...


a) They're fucking stupid,

b) They are so easily led, either by manipulation of their weak intellect or easy-to-arouse emotions,

c) They're possessed of no critical thinking skills whatsoever, and,

d) They're not only arrogant in their stupidity, they consider it a virtue.

Here's just another example: a press photo is deliberately doctored to give an Egyptian Leader primacy of place. It is accepted in the Muslim world as a symbol that they are the true leaders of the world, despite the fact that Hosni Mubarak is a corrupt kleptocrat who probably buggers little boys, when he isn't stuffing his bank account with his country's riches, and your typical Arab Douchebag in the Street wouldn't even challenge me on those charges.

It just makes him feel better to see "his" President in front of mine (personally, I'd rather not see "my" President at all), and it gives Mr. Arab Douchebag the feeling that he is respected and important, despite the fact that he is neither.

This phenomenon also begets another phenomenon: The almost-required, right-on-cue columnist who asks "Why does the Middle East Hate Us?".

People who get paid to write that sort of crap ought to be ashamed of themselves.

Personally, I don't give a crap "WHY" they hate us; they've made it obvious that they DO, and that this hatred will drive them to extraordinary lengths to KILL US. I'm inclined to worry about defending myself from them (preferably by killing them in the millions) before I devote time to peeling back the layers of their collective psychosis, which, if they're all dead, would be a waste of time, anyways. I'm pretty positive that having that information will not be very useful against the next batch of people determined to hate-and-murder us for no logical reason.

Trying to change the Arab mindset is a colossal waste of timeand energy, anyway, because it floats upon a sea of stupidity. It a culture which requires that sort of bulletproof stupidity, because it would not even exist without it.

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