Monday, September 13, 2010

Black Biases are "Nuanced and Complex"...

Stanley Crouch tries to explain away black homophobia and racism.

Points for effort, Stanley, really. Floyd Mayweather is a complete fucktard and there's no "nuance" to any of that, at all. And Mayweather's stupidity isn't just limited to garden-variety homophobia: he made use of every ethnic sterotype typically attributed to Asians in that attack on Manny. The idea that boxers and rappers are"expected" to behave or think in a certain way is a pretty fucking lame one which does not absolve Mayweather of the sin of stupidity, nor excuse the real problems of Black Racism in modern America.

And really nice try at comparing the often virulent and obnoxious racism of blacks to that which is supposedly prevalent amongst republicans and Tea Partiers. This is why REAL racism never goes away -- despite all the protests and paeans of "Civil Rights leaders", and overpaid hack newspaper columnists -- you can easily condemn it when it comes from Whites, but bend over backwards to excuse it when it originates with Blacks.

Today's racism doesn't come from White America; it's coming from you.

This article is a regurgitation of the usual pablum one usually hears in "Diversity Training";

White racism - bad. Black racism - well, that's a whole 'nuther can o' worms. And understandable -- if you spend several hours wading through therapeutic bullshit.

I'm not going to sit here and tell you that I'm a superior being, or that I don't often use racist terms or racist-sounding speech, but let's get real; if you want to see who's really responsible for racism today, take a look in the mirror, Stanley -- and all the psychobabble in the world can't explain it away.

Mayweather's rant takes all the wind out of the "Black-people-can't-be-racists-because-they-have-no-wealth-or-power" routine, doesn't it? One doesn't need to be rich (although Mayweather probably is), or hold a Senate seat (like Robert Byrd did) to be a racist homophobe, one need only be stupid.

UPDATE: I forgot to add this:

Gay Rights are NOT the "New Civil Right" movement. The cause of Gay Rights is an attempt to have a lifestyle and behaviors, that traditional society finds disgusting and deviant, normalized. The Civil Rights movement was about recognizing the basic humanity of our fellow men, and correcting the wrongs done to African-Americans on the basis of race. The two causes are not comparable.

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