Tuesday, September 14, 2010

When You Mutilate Your Own Body for Psycho Reasons...

...don't be surprised when no one wants to be associated with you.

Transgendered douchebags cry about discrimination at J. Crew and American Eagle.

But, here's your clue as to what this is all about:
"The law is pretty clear that gender identity is a protected class," Ms. Tung said. "I think there may be people who are uncomfortable with it, but there are also people who may say they are uncomfortable with black people, or Asians, or disabled persons."

Really? A "protected class"? Are you suggesting that some groups, or in this case, people with a fucking mental disorder, are entitled to MORE rights than the rest of us? Where's the equality in that?

And how do you KNOW they weren't hired because they had missing parts? Did someone come out and say "I didn't hire you because you're a fucking freak of nature and need psychiatric help?" because short of that admission -- in writing, or in front of witnesses -- how do you actually prove discrimination? You can only imply it, which, unfortunately, is often all one needs to file a successful lawsuit. Heaven forbid a standard of actual evidence should be required in a court of law!

And quite frankly, does someone who cuts off his junk so that he can get breast implants, wear dresses and pretend to be something he's not, actually have a"gender identity"? Sounds more like someone has a problem with reality that extends beyond employment opportunities. And how is someone to KNOW that they're dealing, at first glance, with a "transgendered" freak? Did the party in question identify itself as "transgendered" or was there a "transgendered" box on the application?

Anyways, I thought the only people who bought J. Crew and American Eagle crap were already gay. The clothes are just a convenient, visible confirmation for the rest of society.

I wonder if "Make the Road" would hire me, being the straight, White, Native-born bigot that I am? I should apply, just so that I can file a lawsuit when they say "no".

News flash: you aren't special. You only play this little psychodrama about confusion out, and then mutilate yourself, for the attention. You're all attention whores, and when you can't get the praise you so desperately crave, you will go to great lengths -- including losing your length, if you know what I mean -- to get negative attention. It's all about shock value and rejecting the mores of the society that doesn't worship your self-proclaimed specialness.

If it were up to me, I wouldn't hire you either; more trouble than it's worth, and who needs the Drama Queen's near-daily multiple suicide attempts during business hours?

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