Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Just Because it's Natural...

...it's not necessarily safe.

Federal government to examine the supposed health claims of Herbal Supplements.

It's about time, too.

But don't get all excited, like it's some great leap forward for Public Safety; the real reason for this concentrated study is probably to discover whether the claims made by the purveyors of herbal "remedies"are true or not -- in order to regulate and tax these products under the auspices of ObamaCare. Once you have established that ragweed cures shingles, or proven the power of acorns as sexual potency aid, it now becomes possible to classify it as a medicine.

Once something is a medicine, it's use and distribution falls under government regulation. Recently, I've been seeing more and more television adveterising for "Natural" remedies and suppliments, probably as more and more people become unable to afford prescription drugs, or doctors, and seek cheaper and hopefully-just-as-effective treatment options.

The Libtards who push nationalized health care cannot allow people to partake of this treatment option, because if these things really do work, there's really no need to depend upon the government for your healthcare, is there? So, it's better, from the Libtard point-of-view, to ensure that as many homeopathic and natural remedies and suppliments as possible can be classified as medicine, and thus taxed and regulated (and even withheld, if that can be contrived), than it is to let the Retards (i.e. the general population) exercise their judgement and make their own decisions about their own health.

Because the Libtard always thinks she (it's usually a She) knows best what's good for you,and because the government has the right to own your body...unless you want an abortion, of course.

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