Tuesday, September 14, 2010

No! NO! Make it STOP!!!!!!!

Will this douchebag NEVER go away?

Bill Clinton Rebuts Maddow, Critics on the Left.

This line made me laugh:

Bill Clinton flashed irritation at MSNBC host Rachel Maddow and other liberals Monday for failing to appreciate the successes of his presidency.

Well, I lived through the Clinton years, and I'm still trying to figure
out what he means. So far as I'm concerned, Bill Clinton is the anti-Barack
Obama in this regard: the Bush the preceded HIM lefthim a world in which there was relative peace:the Reagan-Bush Team brought the Soviet Union to it's knees, and smacked Saddam Hussein around (albeit, the job was not completed). The economy was fairly good (not perfect, but not as catastrophically bad as the commentariat of the day made it out to be). Bill Clinton inherited an America where there were few problems at all, and which was poised to become wealthier than it could ever imagine.

He was fortunate in his political opponents: Newt Gingrich overreached,
and had more skeletons than a graveyard. Tom DeLay became a by-word for corruption (even if he wasn't a corrupt man, himself) and made very few friends. Ross Perot was there to play spoiler in two elections. Bob Dole was perhaps the worst presidential candidate -- until John McCain --imaginable, and it's no wonder he flogs Viagra for a livingnow. Clinton's crowning "achievement" of Welfare Reform, was a republican initiative foisted upon him by electoral fiat.

Kosovo was a War of Choice (to borrow the phrase the Leftards all apply
to Iraq), fought to protect Muslims against their Christian enemies. Fat lot of good that did us! American troops are still "occupying" Kosovo, incidentally, although Clinton said the Peacekeeping mission (a Peacekeeping mission which involved bombing a Chinese Embassy by mistake?) would only last a year. I wonder why no one on the Left marched against that war, and no one remembered to ask about "Exit Strategies"?

True, Bush I did leave Clinton the Somalia expedition ("Blackhawk Down"), but Clinton's administration skimped on supporting the troops (sending tanks was too expensive, you see), and decided to win hearts and minds before beating the snot out of the drug-fueled rape gangs in Mogadishu. American soldiers died on a mission sponsored by the United Nations, and had their bodies dragged through the streets.

Of course, when it came to bringing military force to bear upon AMERICANS, Bill and Janet Reno wrote the book at Waco. Just ask Elian Gonzolez, the seven-year-old taken by government stormtroopers from his family -- at gunpoint -- and sent to live under Fidel Castro.

Islamic terrorism was on the rise under Clinton, who's moral failings became public in ever-expanding scandals, so that the Muslim world saw him as a weak, profligate sexual deviant, unworthy of respect, and leading a decadent nation that deserved to be bombed, and not the leader of the world's sole remaining superpower. Terrorism came to America: the first World Trade Center Bombing, The Millennium Plots, any number of Allah-worshipping douchebags killing Jews in public places. Abroad, American embassies were targeted, and how can we forget the USS Cole? Even worse, his stupidity encouraged domestic terrorists (Timothy McVeigh) to perpetrate the deadliest terrorist event on American soil...until an at-liberty bin Laden got around to unleashing 9/11 upon us.

All Clinton did in response was to destroy an aspirin factory in Somalia, and his refusal to take custody of -- or assassinate -- Usama bin Laden something on the order of seven times, lead to the death of nearly 3,000 Americans on their own soil.

In the final analysis, Bill Clinton's only legacy is his wife. Take that for what it's worth.

When Leftards criticise a Clinton, it's usually because they saw in Bill -- the First Baby Boomer President --the chance to reclaim the Flower Power Hippie Dream of their (misspent) youth, and he singularly failed them in this regard. Not only that, but he made a mockery of all they believed in, especially Women's Rights, although the Feminists never seemed to abandon the (alleged) Rapist-in-Chief. Abused women never leave their man, you see. Those failures lead to Leftard frustration, and the frustration, eventually, led Lefties into the arms of Barack Obama -- who has probably done more to discredit that hippie dream and push it even farther into the unimagined future than even Clinton did.

And yet, Clinton prospers. He's gotten fabulously wealthy on the back of that Baby Boomer Dream, and sold them out. That's why they hate him so much.

Someone ought to tell this douchebag that he's should STFU and enjoy his retirement.

He's indeed fortunate not to be in a prison cell, or pushing up daisies for his past stupidity.

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