Saturday, September 18, 2010

Thank You,My Loyal Minions!

For the first time, ever, this word vomit has managed to snag 1,000 readers in a month, and we're not even done with September yet! This is about 25% more than usual, and I'd like to think it's more than just an anomaly or dumb luck, that I'm actually saying something here that resonates with a whole lot of folks.

I've given up on making this blog a going financial concern, for the following reasons:

1. To make scads of cash on the intertoobies, you have to be offering folks something they cannot get elsewhere. Insanity and stupidity abound, and so my special brands of those two commodities are probably not particularly unique enough to generate revenue. I've gotten some, but...

2. ...trying to get money out of Google AdSense requires navigating more obstacles and complying with more bureaucratic bullshit than what's called for in the Catholic Church's requirements for canonizing a saint. At least in the case of the Church you only have to have had performed a miracle or two, or maybe died a horrible death at the hands of the heathens before you receive your reward, while AdSense buries you in electronic, third-party triplicate, only to bury you in a slew of new-and-improved requirements in fourth-fifth-and-sixth party quadruplicate...if that's even a word. And even at that, the rewards are hardly worth making even a part-time job out of blogging, so I might as well do it just for shits and giggles, right?

You'll note that all the advertising that used to be on this site is now gone, for just that reason. I'm not in it for the money (not that I ever really was. Mind you, this whole thing started as therapy), but I do think it's pretty cool to see that something I wrote was striking a chord with so many people.

I'm reaching more folks, and it seems the biggest gateway is Twitter. Which I refuse to use (I'm opposed to most forms of Electronic Heroin, past a reasonable point, thank you), and your standard search engines. This means the majority of people are finding me accidentally, still. Which brings me to my next, admittedly self-serving points:

1. If you're a regular visitor, and like what you read here, then please follow this blog. It's easy to do, and free, for the love of Pete!. All you have to do is click the "Follow This Blog" link at the top of the page. It would be nice to see all the people who come here regularly, and I'll admit, I want to see this mostly for vanity's sake.

2. I would like to see if there are even more brain dead zombies who would like to see what's up here, and so I ask that if you have a blog that you consider a cross-linking arrangement. That's good for the both of us. Drop me an e-mail, and let's see if we can't get you posted on the blogroll!

If you don't have a blog, then I would hope that you would consider sharing my posts with your friends and relatives, even -- or most likely, especially -- the ones you hate.

Thanks once again to all of you for making this a bigger deal for me than it is probably for most of you. It makes my day!


Sabra said...

I'll be back to full-time blogging soon, Matthew. You can bet on regular linkage. Not that I have that many readers anymore... We should be moving in about two weeks. Will have my old trusty desk top back - and our own place - so will be back to talking about what takes place on the other side of the world - our old "home," and bringing attention to the rop. Hope to be in the new place by 10/1 if all goes as planned!!!

Matthew said...

Great to hear, Sabra! Best of luck!