Tuesday, September 14, 2010

So THAT'S What He's Been Doing!

President Obama to "write" Children's Book... and be paid $1.9 million dollars.

I wonder if this catapults him into the category of "The Rich" now? It would be nice to see if he subjects his personal wealth to the same confiscatory policies that he advocates for everyone else.

You would think that a man who was elected to lead the Greatest Country on Earth would be a tad too busy for things like this, I mean, with all the time he spends giving Potemkin speeches before carefully-selected crowds, the vacations, the gala functions, the basketball and golf, I just don't know where he finds the time. Not that Obama himself is actually writing the thing himself; not even the most ardent Obamatard believes that.

It's just like making a speech: he'll just be attaching his name to someone else's words.

And someone will pay him nearly $2 million for it.

The unemployment rate is near 10%. Deficit spending is set to bankrupt the nation in a matter of a few years. The country is embroiled in two wars. We still live under the threat of Islamonazi terrorism. The Economy, where it hasn't been all-but-nationalized, is stuck in a curious state of inertia for a lack of leadership, good policies, and a clear understanding of the New Rules.

But somehow the President of the United States, when he isn't on vacation or a star-studded date night, has time to write kiddie books. Or to at least sign his name to one...and make a small fortune on it. The clearest indication that Barack Obama was never prepared to be President of the United States is all the time he spends not being President of the United States, and then the crass arrogance of taking $2 million bucks in a time of economic uncertainty.

An uncertainty, incidentally, which his own policies have largely created or exacerbated.

Yes, I know -- this book deal was signed before he became President, but it is unseemly and insensitive to the plight of the unemployed that he should accept $2 million dollars while in office. If George W. Bush had accepted $2 million while in office, for anything, you can rest assured that Obama would be there saying the same things I am, and denouncing him as a rich, elitist snob with no sense of decency or propriety.

At least Bill Clinton had the good taste to wait until he was out of office to get rich.

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