Wednesday, March 24, 2010

And Blago Might Be Going to Jail for What, Exactly?

Compared to these guys in the NY State Senate, not to mention Washington, D.C. Blago is a fucking Boy Scout. Now, I have no sympathy for Public Union Bosses, a form of life on par with pond scum, and anything that takes 50k of probably stolen-from-the-taxpayer funds from them is all well-and fine in my book. But if this Senator Klein had a vowel at the end of his name, you just know there'd be a Federal Prosecutor somewhere with an erection and the urge to scream"RICO Predicate! RICO Predicate!" and the way to the courthouse.

This sort of thing happens in Albany constantly, and guess which political party has dominated that city and political culture for a very long time? I'll give you a hint; they still think Bill Clinton is innocent.

Labor has been in bed with the democratic party forever, so I guess Klein was doing what any good whore does and making certain the customer knows the price before he gets screwed. These Union Bosses should have known better (because crime is a way of life for most of them), but like crack addicts, they're addicted to a lifestyle that involves corruption, connivance, and now open bribery, of public officials. Why, it's so open now that politicians no longer wait for them to be offered, but instead solicit them openly and unabashedly! How else did you think that clerk at the DMV -- the one who needed four tries to pass the GED, who always seems to go on her third break of the hour just as it's your turn to conduct business, and perhaps shuffles papers for three hours a day, and earns 80K a year -- got that sweet job? The "Public" Unions own this state; they've bought it lock, stock and barrel, and the democratic party banked the sale price in terms of campaign contributions and "volunteers" on Election Day.

The price has now gone up. Now you need 50k just to buy the opportunity to be ass-raped for a campaign contribution and election-day "volunteers". Unless you only want the equivalent of a political handjob...which will still cost you $25,000. It all depends on how much you've got and how dirty you want to get.

I love this quote:

"This is 'pay to play' run amok," said a longtime Democratic activist. "In the current climate of Albany as an ethical cesspool, how could they be so blatant?"

In another time and place, it was once called the Audacity of Hope. Perhaps Albany takes it's queues from the big boys and girls in Sodom-on-the-Potomac? With such fine and upstanding examples of civic-minded paragons like Charlie Rangel Louise Slaughter and Chuckie Schumer to emulate, how could the NY State Assembly possibly not learn that graft and corruption pays...and apparently very well.

And you wonder why nearly a decade after 9/11 there's still a giant crater in Lower Manhattan?

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