Monday, March 22, 2010

There's Nothing More Disgusting Than...

...Listening to Nancy Pelosi quote Thomas Jefferson, and get the context so incredibly wrong as to make your head spin. Jefferson was a thinker and a patriot, while Nancy Pelosi is an unreformed, troglodytic communist. One is worthy of praise and respect, the other should be torn to pieces by rabid dogs on Pay-per-View.

....Watching Barack Obama take a victory lap for something he didn't even do. It's become known as ObamaCare, but the monstrosity that was passed last night was the creation of Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and several hundred lobbyists. Once again, Barack Obama takes credit for other peoples work -- a habit that decades of Affirmative Action have probably instilled in him as the right and proper thing to do.

...Seeing the smug look on Al Sharpton's face. Sharpton and his ilk supported ObamaCare because it was simply one more "program" which will put some brothas and sistahs to what appears to be work in government service, where they'll never be evaluated according to the their actual skills and talent, nor ever expected to actually produce anything of value. In the meantime, a few more of the recipient classes will survive cancer at Whitey's expense (Reparations), and billions in Taxpayer dollars will be showered (and wasted) upon the Inner Cities in the name of "Health" "Care", where the greatest health problems are gang-related gunshot wounds, drug addiction, domestic violence, out-of-control bastardy and malt liquor. If there's ever a provisions herein the government can force someone to undergo a painful and experimental treatment, I nominate the "Reverend" for it.

...Than watching the "democratic leadership" of the House of Representatives, including the token minorities, parade before the cameras, each taking a bow for helping to bring the demise of the United States of America, and Capitalism, one step closer. They should congratulate themselves in this sense: from now on, as long as any vestige of this piece of shit manages to survive, no political argument in this country will ever again be fought on the basis of right-of-center political theory. In five years, the great mass of the American public (the 50% who don't pay taxes) will come to "depend" upon this program, and it'll become part of the furniture, like Social Security and Medicare.

...Waking up in a country in which those who contribute nothing to society save crime, sloth, disease, destruction of the cities and schools, who are an economic millstone tied around the necks of the productive classes, who do not pay taxes, do not produce any useful goods or services, and who create nothing of any value whatsoever, are given far more attention, and afforded noble and protected status, by a body of self-interested little parasites with titles liek Senator or Congressman.

...The Narrative, which began five seconds after the "Historic Vote" of Obama as Lazarus, or the Phoenix Rising from the Ashes, of the all-knowing, all-powerful Great Leader who orchestrated the Greatest Thing Ever. If there's anything one can take solace from in this Morning of Mourning, it is that if there were anyone left who still believed in the ideal of an impartial press, it has been shattered completely and utterly by the events of yesterday. The two year campaign to get you to love Big Brother came full-circle last night. If we're ever lining up people to shoot in this country (maybe as one of those medical reforms that'll save us that non-existant $1 trillion, you know), the Press should be the first ones to get the treatment. Keith Olbermann should be the first of the first.

...James Clyburn comparing ObamaCare to the Civil Rights Act. I'm up to here with the idea that everything in America is a matter of Civil Rights, especially when that idea is advanced by people who wouldn't know a Civil Right if one walked up to them and kicked them in the balls. I'm especially sick and tired of being lectured on Civil Rights by black men with no talent or intelligence who have gamed the system that the Civil Rights movement created for their own personal enrichment, continually fighting battles that have already been won, and keeping their own people in a state of infantile ignorance and savagery. The sooner the James Clyburns, Al Sharptons, Jesse Jacksons and so forth of this society are gone, the sooner Black Americans can join the rest of us in the 21st century. Sanctimonious, affirmative-action hypocrites can kiss my ass, Congressman.

If you're disgusted too, let me know what you think....

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