Wednesday, March 24, 2010

This is Why You Should Read Things Before Making Decisions...

If they had read it, they would have known these things!

John Conyers would never have had said such a remarkably stupid thing like this if he had ever read the Constitution, But Congressman Conyers will probably defend himself and say that it's not his fault; he comes from a long line of oppressed minorities for whom and education and reading are the ways of the White Devil.

Reading Am Fundamental, Congressman.

And then, maybe, if they had read the ObamaCare Monstrosity before voting on it, the democratic party wouldn't be in the position of having supported a piece-of-shit bill that didn't do what they said it would, and having to correct it after the fact.

We have seen it happen repeatedly. Literacy, or rather the lack of it, or even worse, the refusal to use it when necessary, has consequences. In this case, a man who has taken a oath to defend the Constitution doesn't even know what it says, so why shouldn't he then believe that what the democrats did last weekend was Constitutional and legal?

In the second case, 216 Congresscritters who were determined to see healthcare nationalized in this country, in any case, are now even more at risk of losing their cushy jobs this coming November because the whole world now knows that they didn't read a 2,700 page monstrosity -- that they all helped to write -- with sixteen months to do it, and it'll end up costing the Republic dearly, and not just in financial terms.

Right now, I could probably run for Congress under the slogan: Hey. I'll at least read it before I vote for it!

(H/T To HotAir and JammieWearingFool)

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