Thursday, March 25, 2010

Memo To Democrats: Remember All That Stuff About Geese and Ganders?

The news today is all about the harassment that democrats in Congress are now (allegedly) receiving in the wake of their Health Care votes. There were some Black Congressional people this past weekend who claimed they were spit upon and taunted by racial epithets. No proof has been found. There were various incidents of property being damaged by "republican" and "Tea Party" operatives, including some democratic-party offices. Again, no proof of who was responsible is offered.

This afternoon, not ten minutes ago, there is a report that the offices of Representative Anthony Wiener (never was a man no aptly-named!) here in New York City were evacuated because of an envelope full of suspicious white powder, harkening back to the days of 9/11.

The democrats are in fear for their lives, or at least they'd like you to believe they are.

And they really should be. They went ahead and did something -- by unconstitutional means, no less --that the majority in this country was dead set against. I don't want to see anyone get killed over it, nor do I wish to dismiss it out of hand (there are crazy people out there, trust me), but I get the distinct impression that most of these claims are patently false, if only because I'm not inclined to believe anyone who has a "D" next to their name given their recent record with the truth. Worse, I get the idea that they are being specifically orchestrated by democrats themselves so as to give the impression that there is a backlash of hatred and racism out there in the Tea and Republican parties, which will stoop to violence -- and perhaps even to murder or terrosim -- to achieve it's evil end of reintroducing slavery and taking band-aids and eyedrops away from The Children.

That's the official democratic party propaganda.

This has been done so many times (I remember that little thing in Nazi Germany they called the Reichstag Fire), that's it's practically Page One in the Political Dirty Tricks book. It's certainly a page out of Saul Alinsky's (Barack Obama's Buddah)book: plant people in the crowds to hurl racist epithets and stir trouble, destroy your own property in the dark of night and blame the other guy, get your "Reverends" to threaten race riots if they don't get their way, and so on and so forth.

Why, some Lefties even went so far as to plant bombs and then consider themselves "patriots" who fighting against capitalism, The Man, The Establishment or for "Love", back in the day. Some of those people are very good friends of Barack Obama, too, you know. So far, no "right-wing-gun nut" has planted a bomb (that we know of) and I rather doubt any of them will. This is just democrats crying wolf in order to garner sympathy in a time when they should be in hiding. When it comes to threats, intimidation, and dirty tricks, Lefties wrote the book, and we "Righties" don't do it, because we're basically decent people, whereas you are not. Fuck them if they can't take it now.

If it's Tea and Republican party people doing it, then I have but one thing to say -- good for you. I will condition that congratualtory rhetoric with the obligatory don't do anything stupid, and certainly don't kill anyone. It's about time the Left was confronted by it's own tactics, and if they're howling in fear of the forces they have unleashed, then that seems to be a manifestation of their guilty consciences, or their belief that we're sheep who would never react to what our "Betters" and their Post-Racial-Bullshit Artist had in store for us. perhaps if any of these little dictators ,manage to survive electorally this November they might be a bit more circumspect in both their own rhetoric (which is pretty much over-the-top all the time) and their stupid politics.

If we're really lucky, the worst offenders will get out of politics altogether.

I don;t wish to see the crushing of dissent on either side of the polticial spectrum in this country, but it's becoming clear that we have a ruling class, especially on the Left, which is divorced from reality. They are unteachable because they aren't listening. They don't think they have to. This pisses people off, and people who are pissed off often do irrational, and violent, things. Especially when they need jobs, economic and national security and faith in the future far more than they need free boob jobs for illegal aliens, or triple bypasses for crack addicts.

The democrats (small 'd' intentional) couldn't absorb this basic formulation,and it's why they find themselves being threatened today. Whether they'll learn any lessons from it remains to be seen.

In the meantime, I'll just enjoy the comic display.

Update: corrected my poor grammar and spelling!

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