Friday, March 26, 2010

Even The French Didn't Surrender This Quickly..

Ralph Peters is rather pissed at what passes for diplomacy within the Obama Administration. You can read about it here.

A few remarks, if I may:

1. Pissing on the Israelis is absolutely the wrong thing to do. It is, and always has been, in America's interests to support democratic states -- especially those with whom we share a common heritage, and which are beset by a host of barbaric enemies threatening genocide. In some liberal (small 'l' intentional) circles, the reason there is "unrest" in the Middle East is not because the Arabs are incapable of making peace -- there's far too much money in the form of Western Aid to be made for that to happen -- but because there's Jews, and worse, they insist on having a place to live. Lefties are, historically, always the worst Anti-Semites (you can look that up). The attitude of many on the political Left is that if Israel simply disappeared, there would be no more war, and there would be no Al'Qaeda or Hamas or any form of terrorism ever again, and we wouldn't have to support the Saudis with American blood and treasure just for their oil.

This is complete and utter crap. Even if Israel disappeared tomorrow, the Muslim world would still find a reason to smash airliners into Western office buildings. Because the fight is not about land or even Jews, it's about a religious imperative in which the "good" Muslim is supposed to kill, enslave or convert by threat of violence all the non-Muslims. Only when everyone bends knee to Allah, in the Muslim mindset, will there be anything like peace. Hell, the Koran even excuses the worst excesses of human behavior -- murder, rape, theft -- as long as they happen to non-believers, and can be excused under the banner of Jihad. That's the kind of Peace they want.

And even if they did manage to wipe Israel off the map, there would still be conflict; right now, Muslims do a better job of killing each other than the U.S. Army does. We launch missiles from drones and maybe kill a dozen people. Iraqi Sunnis drive a Volkswagen full of TNT into a Baghdad supermarket and kill scores of Shi'a. We kill half -a-dozen Taliban fighters in a remote Afghan mountain village, and a few days later the Taliban slaughters the inhabitants of another execution-style for "collaborating". Muslims are even more vicious to other Muslims with whom they have sectarian differences with, and the cruelty on display by any side in those conflicts only gets worse when they're politicized, i.e. driven by a fundaMENTAList brand of Islam.

Israel is an island of sanity and civilization in a sewer full of goat-raping murderers, gun-toting pedophiles, explosives-obsessed sodomites, and pig-ignorant savages. For that reason alone it should be protected and defended. But Barack Obama pretends that it doesn't exist by not even talking to Netanyahu, and treating him even more shabbily than he did Gordon Brown. I'm surprised they didn't send Bibi home with a canned ham and an autographed picture of Hitler as a "gift".

The Obama Administration, which ran on a platform of "strengthening our old alliances" does everything it can to destroy them, and the only guiding principles that I can discern is either the desire to gain the acceptance of people who would still hate our guts no matter what we did, or plain, unadulterated stupidity. There seems to be no one over at the State Department to tell Obama that he's an asshole, and explain where he's gone wrong.

2. Pakistan - we should get over this delusion that the Pakistanis are "helping" us in Afghanistan.

All the government of Pakistan is doing is sucking up American aid so that it can ultimately defend itself against the threats of internal dissent (fomented by the very Taliban it created in the 'ungovernable' Tribal Areas of the Northwest Frontier, a fundaMENTAList movement that is even far more rabid than Al'Qaeda) and India. The whole idea of the Pakistanis doing anything is predicated on how much they get, and how quickly they get it. Then they dip their toe in the water only to quickly withdraw and protest loudly about their "sacrifices".

You should not count on ANY Muslim to fight another Muslim for you. They find that notion even more objectionable than child rape, you know. It's in their rule book. It's why, in centuries past, Muslim powers employed great armies of slaves to fight their internecine wars. Even when Muslims do fight other Muslims, it's all inside baseball; who's the real descendant of the prophet, who's the bigger bully, often a wayward daughter dares to show a streak of independance and must be beheaded. They don't fight other Muslims on behalf of infidels (not unless there's money in it, or the rare occasion when Infidel goals happen to dovetail with their own, There are no common aims vis-a-vis Pakistan). Someone in the White House should read some history, really. The Pakistanis may be going through the motions, but their heart is not really in it for cultural and political reasons. The sooner someone realizes that, the better.

3. Russia - I read this morning that the United States and Russia have a new nuclear arms reduction treaty, which wasn't so much negotiated as much as rammed up Obama's Ass. Good; it's nice to know that he'll see how it feels now. And he'll take it, because he wants that moment where he can bask in the manufactured glory of "Peacemaker" with a worthless treaty.

In day's past, when we had actual leaders in this country and not just mere managers, such a thing as the Russians unilaterally declaring a treaty "signed" would not have been tolerated, and would have been viewed by smart, sober men as antagonistic and perhaps even insulting. But this is the Presidency of The Press Release -- even this indignity will be swallowed so long as President Dingbat can stand at a podium somewhere and wave a piece of paper, flashbulbs a-poppin', Chris Matthews-leg-a -tinglin'.

The result is that the United States will be committed to reducing it's nuclear arsenal by 25% at a time when the terrorist-supporting Iranians are arming themselves with nuclear weapons. The Obama mentality on this one is that if we have nuclear weapons, it only stands to reason that everyone else will want them, too. If we just give ours up, so will the Iranians, who will be convinced by our disarming that we really are interested in "engaging" them.

The desired end is not "Peace", per se, but the extraneous crap that comes with an idealized version of politics wherein reality is trumped by appearance and perception. It's once again the idea that the President should be seen as "engaging" our enemies. This strategy is not predicated upon national defense -- it's predicated upon the image of the televised "Summit Meeting", the Handshake between Obama and Ahma-dinna-doo-dad, and the pictures that will grace the history books forever. It doesn't matter if Obama achieves anything; it only matters that he be seen as achieving something. The details don't matter. This is how these people think. It's a mentality in which the wrapping paper becomes the best part of the gift, in fact, it's the only reason for the gift in the first place. None of the Obama Administration foreign policy process has anything to do with disarming Iran, defending America and it's allies, making the world a little bit safer -- it's about getting Obama that Great Man in History Moment.

It's all about HIM, you see. We're only here to adore him and bask in His Glory.If that means we're put in danger or our country is degraded in the process, then that's the price Obama must pay in order to be regarded amongst the Greats; Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, Fidel Castro, Hugo Chavez, Kim Il Jong, and so forth.

It was once said jokingly that the first duty of all French Prime Ministers upon taking office was the signing of the stock of ready-made surrender forms -- all addressed "To Whom It May Concern...". It's becoming clearer by the day that President Obama is determined to make the United States France as rapidly as possible; we're being insultingly aloof to our allies, we're disarming while our enemies get stronger and bolder, we're getting Socialized medicine, and we're surrendering where we should be fighting.

Update: re-edited.

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