Sunday, March 21, 2010

Fix Bayonets...

I'm sure Bart Stupak and His12 Apostates can pat themselves on the back tonight for pretending to be all principled and righteous, and then caving to Obama's worthless promise about an Executive Order to prevent Healthcare money ever, ever, ever paying for abortions -- which carries no weight in law.

I'm sure Dennis Kucinich, the Poison Dwarf, is rather proud of himself for having parlayed his charade of principled obstinacy into a really cool, if short, ride on Air Force One. Then again, when your wife is as hot as his, there's not really much left to bribe you with, is there?

All day long, we've been "just minutes away..." from having this "Historic Vote". It's now 10:20 pm, and we still haven't had a vote. Nancy Pelosi is now on television, lying through her teeth and talking incessantly, obviously stalling for even more time. There must be more arms to twist. She has a look on her face that just says "I really don't want to do this...". And all the crap about grown men crying because they're thinking they're going to get something for free is a bunch of bullshit.

As for John Boehner, your passion is a little late. Great speech, but where was that piss and vinegar for the last year? Nice move asking for the Roll to be called; it's obvious no one wants their name associated witha vote on camera. But we already knew the dimwits were cowards.

Our country is now under assault. Before it was just all theoretical; some of you had hoped that Barack Obama wasn't really the unreformed communist he so obviously was. Some had the funny idea that that Congress would be a steadying hand, restraining the inexperienced President and saving him from his worst impulses -- neglecting to realize that this Congress is led by perhaps the most reckless, obnoxious and dishonest people we've ever seen in politics. And many are even more radical than he is. The time for passive resistance is now over. The time for "Wait and See" has come and gone. It's now time to get up off your ass and do something before your life is controlled by a bureaucracy, your pockets are systematically emptied to pay for it, and you'll be expected to bow to Great Leader and thank him for the beneficence that will cost you your prosperity, and steal from your children to give to those who don't deserve it, and who never earned it.

Don't accept this without a fight. If you thought Gore v. Bush was a clear example that elections have consequences, then you'd better remember this one and vote accordingly when the time comes.

I can hardly wait for November. It's going to be a bloodbath...

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