Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Reparations Is Paid...

Count on JammieWearingFool to put it all into perspective for us! In this post, he links to three videos in which the viewpoint of the typical Obama voter is laid bare; They voted for this guy to get "free" shit.

Take note of just who these people are. I'll give you three hints:

1. They belong to a certain minority community, which despite three generations of Civil Rights legislation, Affirmative Action, and a shitload of welfare and education set-asides and spending, still believes it's entitled to everything on someone else's dime, and that honest effort is either "Acting White" or for suckers.

2. Notice how clueless they are as to where the money comes from. They know how to spend it, of course, usually on crack, rims, gold-plated grillz or patent-leather sneakers, that's when they aren't making the difficult and heartbreaking choice between purchasing that hair extension or the baby's formula. If you ask them where they think money comes from, they either don't know, or shrug their shoulders and say "The Government" -- as if the government actually produces anything but crap, only at inflated Federal Union wages. I'd say something about money not growing on trees, but then I'd be accused of making racist comments and comparing these folks to certain tree-climbing primates. Next thing you know, some idiot who has appointed himself a "Civil Rights Leader" or "Community Activist" will be picketing in front of my home. And perhaps getting himself shot in the process.

Gee, I hope it's a prominent self-appointed idiot...I could use another Federal Holiday.

3. Remember that THIS is what decades of "Ghetto Sub-Culture" has produced. While white liberals were making the (non-)point that "All cultures are valid...", this particular Sub-Culture was busy breeding legions of idiots, specially-trained to reflexively stick their hands out, who think they are entitled to something for nothing (I wonder just where they got that idea in the first place? Could it have been other White Liberals?).

November can't come soon enough. Right after ObamaCare gets repealed and defunded, maybe we could have another round of Welfare Reform? And then maybe we can return to the days when you had to pass a literacy test before being registered to vote, because after this particular sub-group of cretins is taken care of, there's another bunch right behind them speaking a particular foreign language who'll try the same crap.

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